Where are your shops?

Check our sites in the map here.

What are the opening hours?

Az Each shop is open 24 hours a day, on 365 days of the year, also at weekends and on holidays.

What are the washing and drying prices?

Check the detailed price list of our services here!

How does the laundry work?

Our shops work in a full self-service system. You can use several, high-power, industrial washing and drying machines in each shop. The small washing machine takes 11 kg (dry filling mass) and the bigger one takes 16 kg. How to use the washing machine: Load your laundry into the washing machine and close the door with a firm movement. There is a touch screen on the machine. You can select the required programme after pushing SELECT PROGRAM on the screen. Once you selected the programme, go to the pay machine (similar to an ATM machine, mounted on the wall and supplied with an LCD screen) and select the number of the machine in which you put your laundry. Then you can pay with paper money or coins. If the amount is correct, push the OK button to start the washing programme. How to use the drying machine: After loading the wet clothes, the drying machine works in the same way as the washing machine.

What programmes can I choose?

Check out the description of the washing and drying machines here.

What can I wash at Bubbles?

Anything that can be washed in a washing machine. Our machines can also take items that you cannot put into a normal household machine, e.g. curtain, bed cover, blanket, cushion, rug, sleeping bag.

Can I wash items made from wool?

You can wash wool items only upon your own responsibility because the detergent we use is not special wool detergent. However, many guests have already washed wool blankets, pillows and bed warmers, and they were very satisfied. Select the delicate programme for washing wool, and dry it at max. 65 °C.

Do I need to bring detergent?

No, you don’t. The system automatically feeds the proper detergents that we provide. Bubbles uses the Ariel Professional System detergent dosage technology, which adds – in addition to the detergent – disinfectant, fat solvent, blood solvent, neutraliser and Lenor Professional softener to each programme.

Can I use my own detergent?

No, you can’t. The system doses detergents, softener and disinfectant automatically for each washing programme.

Do you use organic detergents?

No. We use the Ariel Professional detergent system, which is also used by large laundries and hospital systems.

My skin is sensitive to detergents. Can I use the laundry?

Yes. We use liquid detergents that are easier to remove from the clothes during rinsing. The system also adds a neutraliser during the washing process to neutralise eventual detergent and additive residues. A similar system is also applied at hospitals.

Can I select washing without rinsing?

No, the system adds softener to each setting.

How clean and hygienic are the machines?

We add disinfectant to each washing programme, which disinfects the clothes and the machine during washing and before rinsing. Bubbles holds a microbiological washing efficiency and textile cleanness qualification.

How long does a washing programme last?

About 30-40 minutes. The basic washing time of each programme is about 26-28 minutes, and some extra time is needed for filling and emptying water. This time changes depending on the quantity and quality of the clothes you load. The washing machines have a water level regulator, thus water is dosed according to the quantity of clothes.

Is the short washing programme sufficient for a good result?

All our washing programmes provide full value, unlike what is called a quick washing programme, e.g. the „30-minute” programmes of household machines. The reason is that the machines always take up hot water, so they do not have to warm up cold tap water several times during each cycle.

Do you offer dry-cleaning services?

No, Bubbles runs washing machines that use water.

Do you offer ironing services?

No, our shops only offer drying services.

Can I use only washing or drying?

Yes, you can use the washing and drying services also separately.

My washing machine has broken down, can I bring my wet clothes to Bubbles?

Yes, you can. We recommend to wash them again at Bubbles as the full washing programme probably did not run down in your machine, and the drying process will probably not be effective without spin-drying.

How does the drier work?

Our shops have two kinds of driers (with 25 kg and 16 kg filling capacity). We recommend you to use the 16 kg drier after the 11 kg washing machine and the 25 kg drier after the 16 kg washing machine. The drier drum is bigger than the washing machine drum to ensure that the clothes have better contact with the air. The reason for the higher nominal capacity is the clothes taken out of the washing machine are wet, thus they weigh more than at the beginning of washing.

Insert the clothes into the machine, close the door and set the required temperature with the help of the +- symbol on the screen. The drying temperature can change between 65 and 90 degrees, in five stages. Each programme takes 30 minutes. The drying time cannot be selected.

The door of the drier can be opened during operation so you can check the drying process. You should open the door maximum once during a cycle. The door must be closed again in 1 minute, otherwise the programme gets deleted and you have to pay again. If you shut the door in 1 minute, the machine will continue the programme. Be careful because the drum and the clothes can be hot, especially the metal parts (e.g. buckles, zippers etc.)

Do I have to sort out colours in the drier?

You don’t have to sort out colours in the drier.

How should I load the drier?

You should dry separately the items that take more time to dry, e.g. towel, bathrobe, thick blanket, jeans, because other, smaller items will not dry properly in 30 minutes. When loading, you should take care that the clothes should not be bundled because this makes them more difficult to dry.

I selected the programme but the machine does not start. What shall I do?

  • 1. Check if the washing machine door is properly closed. The door has to be closed with a firm movement. If the door is closed, you can see the „OPEN DOOR” sign in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • 2. If you paid the proper price of washing at the pay machine, check if the washing machine screen is automatically reset to the initial position („SELECT PROGRAM”). If so, the programme has to be started again.
  • 3. If too much time passed between the washing programme selection and the payment, the pay machine does not communicate with the washing machine. (There can be maximum 5 minutes between the programme selection and the payment.) Then the payment in progress must be cancelled and the process must be started again (programme selection, then payment) or call the technical assistance.

I washed at home and dried at Bubbles, but the clothes are not properly dry! What’s the reason for that?

The spin dryer of household washing machines is not as strong as ours, so the result is not the same as at Bubbles. If the clothes are still wet and you wish to dry them more, we recommend you to start another drying cycle.

The washing machine shows an error message. (Out of service code)

Please, call the technical assistance!

The drying machine shows an error message. (Black-out, alarm etc.)

Please, call the technical assistance!

The pay machine does not accept paper money.

The pay machine only accepts 500, 1000 and 2000 HUF bank notes. If it does not accept these, please, call the technical assistance!

The machine gave me the wrong change.

Please, call the technical assistance!

Money has run out of my Bubbles card, what shall I do?

You can top up the Bubbles card at any time and with an unlimited amount. Top up must also be done through the pay machine. For this, please, insert the card, select the top up menu point and insert the amount you wish to top up – please, note that only 500, 1000 and 2000 Ft banknotes as well as coins can be used.

My Bubbles card does not work.

The Bubbles top up chip cards only work in the shop where they were purchased. If the Bubbles card does not work in the shop where it was purchased, please, call the technical assistance.

What’s the WiFi code?

There is no WiFi code. You can log in to the network under the name Bubbles.

Where are you going to open new shops?

Check the Facebook (Bubbles non-stop self-service laundry) or the website.