Our guests can use double (11 kg) and triple (16 kg) capacity machines. This means that you can wash at the same time about double or triple the usual home laundry quantity. We also provide CHRISTEYNS detergents and softeners, which are dosed by the system automatically, according to the laundry quantity and programme type.

Our machines also add textile-friendly disinfectant to all laundry programmes. With the professional technology, the laundry time is shorter than at home, and washing can be done even in 30 minutes.

Large weekly wash can be done easily and quickly as you can use several machines simultaneously.

You can select the following programs:

  • 60 °C
  • 40°C
  • 40 °C
  • 30 °C
  • 35 °C
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Our drying programmes last 37 minutes and You can dry your clothes at various temperatures.

Double (16 kg) and triple (25 kg) drying machines provide for the perfect final result. The drying machines can dry 16 kg or 25 kg wet textiles at the same time.

Do not forget that wet clothes are heavier than dry clothes, that's why our drying machines have a larger capacity than our washing machines.

The final result is less ironing and a soft touch.

You can select the following programs:

  • 65 °C
  • 70 °C
  • 75 °C
  • 80 °C
  • 85 °C
  • 90 °C
Price list

paying station

You can pay for washing and drying at the paying station (BLPS).

The station accepts paper money and coins between HUF 10 and 2000, and returns the change, if necessary. 

The station only accepts Hungarian forints, however, in most of our shops you can already pay with card as well!

The station gives a receipt for all the transactions.

If you need an invoice, you can download it yourself easily from My.Bubbles.
If you are not a Bubbles member yet, send the receipts, together with the billing data, to The e-invoice will be sent to you via email.

loyalty programme

With the Bubbles Loyalty programme you can always use our services simply and at a favourable price.

Sign up through the paying station at any shop or at My.Bubbles, then pay any amount to your user account.

When signing up the system generates a login ID and a PIN code. With those you can access to your account online easily right away.

You don't need to carry small change, you can also top up your balance from a bank card at My.Bubbles.

Our loyal customers are always first to use our discounts and our continuously offered comfort services.

ATTENTION: if you do not have enough money on your account for washing or drying, the system will demand the full price. If any change is to be paid back to you, it will be automatically credited to your account!